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Request data

You can request data and information that is not already published on this website.

How to request data

  1. Complete the Request for Liquor data form.
    Request data from Liquor Control Victoria
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  2. Submit through contact us.

Please note:

  • There are some requests we are not able to fulfill for legal or operational reasons.
  • Requests usually take 4 to 6 weeks to process, depending on the type of request and availability of resources.

Freedom of information requests

You may request access to our documents, including official records, application files, memorandum and reports.

You have a right to:

  • request documents about your personal affairs including amending or removing incorrect or misleading information about you that we may hold.
  • various activities of the Liquor Control Victoria.

How to make a request

Write to our Freedom of Information Officer, GPO Box 1988, Melbourne, Vic 3001, and enclose payment of $30.10, or

Lodge online through the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner.

Make sure you clearly describe the documents you are requesting access to.

You can make a request yourself, or authorise someone to make a request on your behalf. You must give them written authorisation if seeking access to your personal information.

How long it takes

We are required to complete requests within 30 days from the date received.

We will contact with you if:

  • we are unable to process your request within 30 days
  • there are any documents we are not providing
  • the fee is not paid
  • we need to transfer your request to another agency or department.

Once we make a decision, we will write to you and explain the reasons and any documents that may have been released under the Act.

For more, read our information statements.


There may be additional fees in order to process your request. Read more about fees from the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner. We’ll let you know before processing any additional fees.

If you are suffering financial hardship, you may request we waive the application fee.

Unhappy with our decision?

If you are unhappy with our decision or the way we handled your request, please contact the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner.


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