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Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) is compulsory for anyone selling, offering or serving alcohol under the following types of liquor licences:

RSA training may also be compulsory in other situations where there is a special condition on the liquor licence.

Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol training course (SITHFAB021) is the approved RSA course in Victoria

Registered training organisations (RTOs) can continue to provide training in SITHFAB002 until 1 January 2024

If you have completed Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course (SITHFAB002) these certificates are still valid.

People must complete their RSA training within one month from the date they first supply liquor.

A person under the age of 18 can complete the RSA training but must wait until they are 18 to serve alcohol.

RSA training is completed through a RTO approved by Liquor Control Victoria (LCV).

Your RSA does not expire, but you need to refresh it every three years. Complete the RSA refresher course to do this.

RSA training in Victoria

You need to complete the nationally accredited Provide responsible service of alcohol (SITHFAB021) course with a registered RTO approved by LCV.

Training may be in-person or online.

When you complete the course you will be given a RSA Certificate of Completion. Provide a copy of your certificate to your employer.

Make sure your training is with a RTO, that is a registered provider approved by LCV. Our inspectors will not accept any other certificates. A PDF version of a sample certificate is available to view below.

Approved RSA training providers

RSA training is provided by a number of RTOs.

The RTOs will issue your RSA certificate when you complete the course.

Approved RSA online training providers

The below training providers are approved by us to deliver RSA training online.

These RTOs will be able to issue you with an LCV branded RSA certificate upon completion of the course.

RSA refresher course

You will need to complete a refresher courseExternal Link every 3 years to keep your RSA current.

This course is free. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is available online.

You need your original RSA certificate number which can be found in the bottom right corner of your certificate. If your certificate was issued before 31 January 2023 the certificate number is in the top right corner.

If you cannot find the certificate number or have lost your certificate, please contact us at

Once you complete your refresher course, download and print your new certificate. You need to provide a copy of this certificate to your employer.

A PDF version of a sample certificate is available to view below.

RSA requirements for licensed premises

If you are a licensee with RSA trained staff, you must keep a copy of RSA certificates on the licensed premises. Valid certificates cannot be more than 3 years old.

Photocopies or electronic copies of certificates are acceptable if they are readily available to our inspectors or Victoria Police. When asked you need to provide:

  • the name of the responsible person at the licensed premises
  • the name of each person who is engaged in the sale and service of liquor
  • the date on which each person first sold or served liquor on the premises.

Staff at a licensed premises have one month from the date they first sell, offer liquor for sale or serve liquor to provide their RSA certificate to the licensee.

Replacing your RSA certificate

Lost certificate

If you have lost your original RSA certificate, you can contact us at to arrange a replacement.

The cost to replace your certificate is $16.50 (including GST).

To replace your certificate for free, you can complete the RSA refresher course. This will provide you with a new certificate that can be downloaded by you at no cost.

Name change

If you would like a certificate with your name changed, contact us to arrange it at

You need to provide us with a copy of your identification documents that show your changed name. This might be a marriage certificate or another official name change document. There is no cost to update your certificate where you name has changed.

Interstate RSA training

If you hold an RSA from another state or territory, it may be recognised in Victoria. You will need to complete a bridging course. Through this course you will receive a Victorian RSA certificate allowing you to work in Victorian venues.

Visit the bridging course application portalExternal Link to apply and to check your eligibility. This course is free.

Please note: you must be 16 years or older to do the bridging course in Victoria. You cannot work serving alcohol until you are 18 years old.

If you want to use your Victorian RSA certificate in another state or territory, you will need to check what the relevant licensing authority interstate requires.

Contact details for interstate liquor licensing authorities

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia


Western Australia

Training for licensees

As a licensee you need to complete:

  • New entrant training
  • RSA training
  • Advanced RSA training (only if you are a holder of a late night (general) or a late night (on-premise) licence.

Advanced RSA training

Licensees need to complete the Advanced RSA training course within 6 months of being granted a new late night (general) or a late night (on-premises) licence.

If you hold a general, on-premises or late night (general) or late night (on-premises) licence and incur a demerit point you must complete the Advanced RSA training course within 6 months from receiving the demerit point.

The Advanced RSA training course is provided by William Angliss Institute:

Exemption from RSA training

Licensees may be eligible for an extension of time to comply with RSA training requirement or to receive a permanent exemption. This applies to a licensee who holds one of the following licences:

  • general
  • on-premises
  • late night
  • packaged liquor.

To apply for an exemption fill out and submit the Exemption from the Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Requirements form.

You need to provide a detailed explanation of the reason you are asking for the exemption.

Reviewed 02 April 2023


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