Get a Proof of Age card

The Victorian Proof of Age card can be used to show proof of age for people over 18 years. This card is recognised throughout Australia.

You can apply for a Victorian Proof of Age card if you are over 17 years and 11 months old, however, you must wait until you are 18 to use it.

The application fee is $10.

Please note: making false statements and/or fraudulently obtaining an identification card is a serious offence, which may result in prosecution.

How to apply

1. Get an application form

You can pick up a Proof of Age card application form at:

  • participating VicRoads offices
  • participating Australia Post offices
  • selected pharmacies or chemists.

Alternatively, you can email Liquor Control Victoria (LCV) at and we will send an application form to your preferred postal address. Emailed requests may take up to 2 weeks to be fulfilled.

Please note: application forms cannot be collected from our Richmond office as we are closed to the public.

For a full list of participating agencies, see:

2. Find original ID requirements for application

You need to provide proof of your identity with your application. These documents should be originals. Photocopies cannot be accepted.

Your ID proof should be:

  • a document from Category A
  • a document from Category B.

Category A

  • full Australian birth certificate
  • passport
  • naturalisation certificate
  • immigration papers
  • citizenship papers

Category B

  • driver licence or learner permit
  • Health Care Card
  • credit card or bank passbook
  • Medicare card
  • shooters licence
  • student identification card.

Change of name

If you have changed your name, through marriage or otherwise, you must also provide documents as evidence of this change.


Non-residents, international students, asylum seekers and refugees must also provide clear copies of their documentation confirming their eligibility to stay or study in Australia.

3. Get your documents signed

You now need to get your application witnessed by another person.

This person should be someone who has known you for 12 months or longer and is also on the Australian electoral roll.

The person needs to see your:

  • completed application form
  • original versions of your proof of identity documents
  • name change documents if applicable.

They need to complete and sign the 'referee's declaration' section on the application form.

4. Sign the applicant's declaration in the presence of an authorised person

You need to sign your application. You need to do this in the presence of an authorised person. You should sign the section called 'applicant's declaration'.

The authorised person will also check the documents you have provided as proof of your identity. They will complete and sign the authorised person section within the ’applicant’s declaration'.

A list of people who can witness your applicant's declaration is provided in Section 8 of the form. This list is as prescribed in Section 19 of the Oaths and Affirmations Act 2018.

Your authorised person can be the same person who signed your 'referee’s declaration' if they meet the requirements of both sections.

5. Get your photo taken and lodge your form at a participating agency

Take your signed and witnessed application form to one of the listed offices to lodge your application. Remember to also bring your original proof of identity documents with you. The agency will need to see them ahead of accepting your application form.

You will have your photo taken to add to your application. A list of offices and approved photo agencies is available.

The fee to lodge your application form is $10.

6. Receiving your card

You can expect to receive your Proof of Age card 20 to 25 business days after you lodge your application. Please check your card is accurate when you receive it.

Error on your card

If your card has an error, please return to the agency where you lodged your application form within 30 days of issue to have the information corrected.

A new card will be sent out to you at no additional cost.

Lost or damaged cards

If you lose your Proof of Age card within 3 months of receiving it, and your details have not changed, you can get a replacement card.

There is a $25 fee to cover reprinting and postage.

To organise your replacement card email us on

If your card is more than 3 months old you need to apply for a new card.

Optus breach

LCV is aware of the Optus data breach and is closely monitoring its impact on proof of age cards.

Optus is contacting its customers who are affected by the data breach with further advice.

If Optus contacts you about your proof of age card, please email

In your email include:

  • your proof of age card barcode number
  • any evidence Optus provided to you about your card and the data breach.

LCV will flag your record in our database. This will prevent any unauthorised changes or access to your information.

You can apply for a new proof of age card. There will be no fee to replace your card if it is due to the Optus data breach.

To apply:

  1. Complete the proof of age application form as normal.
  2. Attend a VicRoads or Australia Post agency with your:
    • completed application form
    • copy of the notice from Optus advising you were impacted by the breach.

Please note: If you do not have the notice from Optus when applying, the card cannot be processed without a fee.

Changing your details

If your Proof of Age card was issued in the last 3 months, and your details (such as your address) have changed, you can get a replacement card.

There is a $25 fee to cover reprinting and postage.

Send your change of details to us via email on

If your card is more than 3 months old you need to apply for a new card.

Validating a Victorian Proof of Age card

If you need to check a Victorian Proof of Age card for ID purposes, look for the following features to make sure the card is valid:

  • hologram of the Victorian state government – this should always be visible on the front of the card
  • date of birth numbers on the back – the back of the card should feature large numbers showing the birth month and year
  • photograph – should be clear and of good quality
  • card lamination – the card lamination should be securely sealed with no bubbles.

The images below show what a valid Victorian Proof of Age card looks like.

A recent update to the card removed ‘Sex: male/female’ information.

The current and old versions of the card are still valid.

Front of Proof of Age Card

Sample - Front of Victorian Proof of Age Card

Back of Proof of Age Card

Sample - Back of Victorian Proof of Age Card

Keypass ID card

The Australian Keypass is an alternative photo identification.

Keypass is available in both physical and digital versions and is often processed in a shorter time-frame than the Proof of Age card. Keypass cards are issued by Australia Post.

Privacy statement

Liquor Control Victoria collects your personal information for the primary purpose of processing your application. We may also disclose your personal information to the Victorian Electoral Commission and other organisations and persons as permitted by law. If you choose not to provide the information requested, your application may not be able to be processed.

For additional information about our privacy obligations, your rights and how to access and correct your personal information see our Privacy Policy Statement.