Liquor fees and fines

Liquor fees are charged for licence applications, and fines may be imposed for breaches of liquor laws.

Liquor fees are charged for licence applications, and a range of other activities relating to the licensing system (including annual renewal fees).

Any application received by us must be accompanied by the correct fee.

On 1 July each year, government fees as well as fines associated with non-compliance are gazetted by the Victorian Treasurer.

Any increases to application fees and fines for non-compliance with liquor laws occur immediately, while the increases to renewal fees take effect each year when payable by 31 December, irrespective of when the licence is granted.

Once an application has been registered, the application fee is non-refundable.


Information about current application fees is available on the Liquor licence application fees page.

Information about current renewal amounts is available on the Renew your liquor licence page.

Offences and penalties

The Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (the Act) allows infringement notices to be issued to licensees, staff, minors or any person breaching the Act.

For a list of liquor-related breaches and associated penalties for under the Act, see:

Liquor licensing breaches factsheet 2023-24
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Note: Licensees should be aware that payment of a fine may then be considered in any disciplinary proceedings we undertake to suspend or cancel their licence.

Indexation of fees and penalties

Our fee fact sheets are based on the Department of Justice and Community Safety list of automatically indexed fees and fines.

You can also visit the Department of Treasury and Finance for information on the indexation of fees and penalties.