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Signs are useful for notifying staff and patrons of their legal requirements and the fines for breaking liquor laws.

The signage below can help:

  • tell your patrons what you expect of them while at your licensed premises
  • convey to patrons and staff that you support your staff in refusing services
  • your staff when enforcing responsible service of alcohol laws.

You should regularly check to ensure you are displaying the most up-to-date signage. You can check the keycode (located in the bottom left-hand corner of the sign) against the keycode listed.

Mandatory signage required for licensed premises

Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (the Act), licensees are required to display certain signage (also referred to as posters or notices) around their licensed premises.

The maximum penalty for non-display of signs exceeds $924.60 under section 102 of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998.

Printing requirements

  • Signs must be printed in the original form as downloaded from our website. No modification to the form or content of the posters is permitted.
  • Signs must be printed in colour on A4 (210 x 297mm) paper.
  • Signs must be printed at a sufficient quality to ensure that the key number at the bottom left is clearly legible by our inspectors.
  • Signs must be displayed so that the information contained in them is clearly visible to the public.

Optional signage for licensed premises

The following signage is optional for liquor licensees. Download your signage below or download all signs.

We will also mail out copies of this poster upon request.

Signage image

Purpose of sign

This optional sign can be displayed by licensees with temporary limited licences and liquor quantity limitations to let patrons know how much liquor they can purchase for takeaway or delivery.

This optional sign can be displayed by restaurant and cafe licensees with trading restrictions to let patrons know that they must purchase food with any takeaway or delivery of liquor.

This optional sign can be displayed by licensees with delivery conditions to let patrons, staff and delivery drivers know the laws around delivery of liquor.

This optional sign can be displayed to let patrons know venue staff are able to arrange a lift to ensure they get home safely.

This optional sign has been designed to notify patrons they can be asked to leave if they abuse staff. If they refuse to leave, they can face hefty fines.

This optional sign advises patrons that the venue provides free water. Offering free water is an important part of the responsible service of alcohol as it helps patrons slow down their rate of intoxication and provide an alternative to consuming alcohol.

Licensed venues that supply alcohol for consumption on-site are required to provide free drinking water to their patrons.

This optional sign advises that buying or supplying liquor to under 18s is illegal.

This is optional sign designed to assist staff when asking for identification.

This optional sign is for licensees to display in their premises and explains the consequences of being served a 'barring order' by licensees, responsible persons or Victoria Police.

Barring orders can be served on drunk, violent or quarrelsome patrons.

Once a person is served with a barring order, they must leave the venue and its vicinity immediately and cannot return until the barring order expires. If a person does not comply with the barring order, Victoria Police may issue them with an on-the-spot fine.

This is an optional sign designed to remind staff about RSA obligations and techniques of how to refuse service. We encourage you to display this optional sign in your staff room, kitchen or training room where it is visible to staff.

This is an optional sign designed to assist you to manage alcohol in your venue or at your club, by educating your patrons on where they may or may not consume alcohol.

This is a optional sign designed to assist club licensees to remind guests to sign in to ensure your sign-in requirements are met.

We encourage you to display this optional sign in your club once you have completed the Start of Season Self -Audit.

The incidence of drink spiking has increased in our community and we want your assistance in preventing this issue. Find out more about drink spiking and download and display our optional posters in your venue.

This optional sign can be displayed at your venue to remind both staff and patrons what the acceptable forms of ID in Victoria are.

Reviewed 02 April 2023

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