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Victoria Police and Liquor Control Victoria's Compliance Division work together to schedule planned inspections of licensed premises. However, each agency operates independently so while information will be shared, both agencies may decide to visit a licensed premises for different reasons.

Compliance inspectors cover all areas in both metropolitan and regional Victoria. They are able to visit a premises at any time they are open for business. These visits may be unannounced or pre-arranged with the licensee. However, if a compliance inspector has an appropriate warrant, they are able to enter a licensed premises at any time.

Compliance inspectors conduct inspections to assess licensees' compliance with Victoria's liquor laws, including any liquor licence conditions specific to each licensed premises.

During the inspection

On arrival at a licensed premises, a compliance inspector will usually ask to speak with either the licensee or the person in charge, such as the manager. The Compliance Inspector will identify him or herself, show identification and then conduct the inspection.

Compliance inspectors will be able to inspect all aspects of licensed premises, both inside and out. They can ask to see appropriate documents, records, equipment or any other things that will help them assess the premises. For more information about what compliance inspectors can and cannot do, see Powers of compliance inspectors.

The duration of an inspection will vary depending on the size and circumstances of a licensed premises. Compliance inspectors will try to minimise any disruption to the operations of licensed premises. To assist them do their work as quickly as possible, it is a good idea for licensees to keep all the appropriate documents in an accessible place and ensure that their senior employees are aware of where they are kept.

After the inspection

A compliance inspector will discuss with the licensee or manager of the licensed premises the findings of their inspection and any areas requiring attention to achieve compliance.

Any property that is seized during the inspection will be recorded and held securely. Whenever possible, the item will be copied and returned as soon as practicable. However, in some cases, it may be kept as evidence in the event of a prosecution.

If a licensee wishes to make a complaint about the conduct of a compliance inspector, or make any comments after the inspection, they should do so in writing. For more information or to make a complaint please visit the Make a complaint page.

You can contact us for more information about inspections.

Reviewed 02 April 2023


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