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As a licensee you need to complete:

Evidence that you have completed a required training must be submitted with your application.

New entrant training

New entrant training ensures that liquor licence applicants have adequate knowledge of the liquor law. When applying for a licence for the first time, you must complete new entrant training.

Go to the New entrant trainingExternal Link page for more information about the providers and requirements.

RSA training

Licensees must complete RSA training if applying for the following licence types:

  • General.
  • On-premises.
  • Late night.
  • Packaged liquor.

The list below identifies who needs to complete RSA training when applying for a licence. If applying as:

  • individuals – all individuals listed
  • partnerships – all partners
  • companies, incorporated associations, co-operatives, or municipal councils (referred to as a body corporate applicant) – the person who is or will be in management and control of the licensed premises and who will run the business’ day-to-day operations.

Note: Body corporate applicants must advise the name of the person who manages or will manage the day-to-day operations of the business on the application form.

As a licensee, you must maintain a current RSA certificate. RSA trainingExternal Link provides more information on how to get and maintain your RSA.

Exemption from RSA training

Licensees may be eligible for an extension of time to comply with RSA training requirements or to receive a permanent exemption. This applies to a licensee who holds one of the following licences:

  • general
  • on-premises
  • late night
  • packaged liquor.

To apply for an exemption, fill out and submit the Exemption from the Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Requirements form.

RSA certificates

If you are a licensee with RSA trained staff, you must keep a copy of RSA certificates on the licensed premises. Valid certificates cannot be more than 3 years old.

Photocopies or electronic copies of certificates are acceptable if they are readily available to our inspectors or Victoria Police. When asked, you need to provide the:

  • name of the responsible person at the licensed premises
  • name of each person who is engaged in the sale and service of liquor
  • date on which each person first sold or served liquor on the premises.

Advanced RSA training

Licensees need to complete the Advanced RSA training course within six months of being granted a new late night (general) or a late night (on-premises) licence.

If you hold a general, on-premises or late night (general) or late night (on-premises) licence and incur a demerit point, you must complete the Advanced RSA training course within six months of receiving the demerit point.

The Advanced RSA training course is provided by William Angliss Institute:

Reviewed 21 August 2023


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