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Liquor hearings and decisions

Information related to Victorian liquor hearings and decisions.

Amenity or disciplinary action inquiries

The Victorian Liquor Commission (VLC) can conduct a disciplinary action or amenity inquiry against a licensee or permittee. The Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Victoria Police licensing inspectors or the local government can request that the VLC commence an inquiry. The request must be in writing.

Amenity inquiries relate to circumstances where the ongoing use of a licensed premises would be detrimental to the amenity of the local area or where the licensed premises has not been used for more than 12 months. For a request to conduct an amenity inquiry, please complete the complaints form.

Disciplinary action inquiries respond to incidents of non-compliance by a licensee or permittee. For a request to conduct a disciplinary action inquiry, please use the following form.

Request to conduct disciplinary action inquiry
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Inquiry notices 

The inquiry notices detail the initial hearing date and grounds for the inquiry.

Inquiry notices are published pursuant to Section 92A and Section 94B of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998. 

Sterling Nightclubs Pty Ltd
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Ryans Family Hotel Pty Ltd
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When considering an internal review matter or conducting an inquiry, the Commission appoints a suitably qualified lawyer to be Counsel Assisting the Commission. Liquor Control Victoria may provide a lawyer to fulfil this function.

The role of the appointed lawyer (Counsel Assisting) is to help the Commission conduct the matter including, including questioning of witnesses at a hearing and eliciting information necessary for the Commission to consider the matter. They can also provide the Commission with legal advice concerning its powers, duties, functions and obligations and facilitate the efficient and effective conduct of the matter.

Role of Counsel Assisting

The role of Counsel Assisting is to facilitate the proper conduct of the matter with a view to ensuring that the Commission has before it all relevant and appropriate evidence, presented in a fair and reasonable manner, to inform the Commission’s decision making.

For this purpose, Counsel Assisting may do one or more of the following (as appropriate for the particular inquiry):

  • provide advice to the Commission about how the matter (including preliminary hearings and conferences) should be conducted
  • correspond with the parties regarding pre-hearing procedural steps
  • identify and/or collate documents that may be relevant
  • provide advice about, and assistance with, the use of the Commission's investigative powers (where relevant)
  • tender documents or lead evidence
  • ask questions of parties and witnesses
  • make submissions on relevant matters
  • assist in the preparation of draft reasons for decision of the Commission.

Counsel Assisting is expected to:

  • act impartially and transparently in their dealings with parties and witnesses
  • act in accordance with the lawful directions given by the Commissioners.

Counsel Assisting cannot provide legal advice to parties but can provide guidance to parties concerning the Commission’s usual practices and procedures.

Upcoming hearings

VLC periodically holds hearings. They usually take place, unless indicated otherwise, at:

Hearing Rooms
Victorian Liquor Commission
Ground floor, 49 Elizabeth Street
Richmond, Victoria, 3121

Dates and details for upcoming liquor hearings pursuant to the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 are posted in advance.

Register - Liquor Hearings May 2024
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Date/timeLicensee/PremisesHearing typeMatter typeDetails
Wednesday, 1 and Thursday, 2 May 2024
@ 10.30 AM
Archie Bros Australia Pty Ltd / Holey Moley InquiryInternal ReviewN/A
Wednesday, 1 and Thursday, 2 May 2024
@ 10.30 AM
Archie Bros Australia Pty Ltd / Strike Bowling InquiryInternal ReviewN/A
Thursday, 23 May 2024 @ 10.30 AMFallen Freight Pty Ltd / Fallen Freight Directions HearingInternal Review N/A 
Tuesday, 29 May 
@ 2.30 PM
Ryans Family Hotel Pty Ltd / Ryan’s HotelDirections HearingDisciplinary ActionSee Inquiry Notice

Assistance with access to hearings

Participants for matters scheduled for hearing in person at the VLC hearing room may request assistance with access to the hearing including translation services, physical assistance and video conference because of:

  • communication issues
  • health issues
  • physical mobility
  • wellbeing, safety and security
  • location
  • other access issues.

Members of the public may request access to observe a hearing by videoconference rather than attend in person.

If you have any special requirements to help you participate in an in-person hearing, please contact us prior to the hearing date.

Should you wish to participate via videoconference, please contact us to discuss your options.

Requests should be made as soon as possible before the hearing by email to or by phone on 1300 182 457.


Statements of reasons in relation to liquor decisions made by the VLC are communicated as soon as practicable and are published on this page.

For accessible copies of decisions please contact us.

Historical liquor decisions, made by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission and the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, are available on this page and at Australasian Legal Information Institute.