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Information for registered training organisations

We provide ongoing support for accredited registered training organisations (RTOs) and trainers to deliver high quality Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) courses in Victoria.

Please note: There is a new accredited unit approved for RSA, Provide responsible service of alcohol training (SITHFAB021).

Registered training organisations (RTOs) can continue to provide training in SITHFAB002 as they transition to the new unit. 

All certificates remain valid for both units. 

We provide ongoing support for accredited Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and trainers to deliver high-quality Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) courses.

To ensure programs are comprehensive and minimise potential alcohol-related harms to the community, RTOs must be accredited with us and comply with SITHFAB021 and relevant training authority requirements.

Liquor Control Victoria (LCV) approved RTOs must adhere to our Terms and Conditions and accreditation schedule, regardless of the method of delivery of the RSA Course.

RSA certificate database

Approved RTOs will be given a username and password to access the RSA certificate database.

This database is used to:

  • record LCV-approved trainers, students and course details
  • issue LCV RSA Certificates of Completion
  • access training materials.

The database must be always maintained to ensure compliance across the state. Access the RSA certificate database.

Training materials

RSA training materials are available to approved RTOs electronically on the RSA certificate database.

Register a new trainer

To register a new trainer to deliver RSA, email the following details to

  • Trainer's name and contact email.
  • Evidence the trainer meets either ASQA or VRQA requirements to deliver SITHFAB021.

If all details are provided, trainers can be added within 2 business days of receiving a request.

Training requirements

In-person RSA training must be delivered to no more than 25 students per session. An approved RTO can deliver its course via video conferencing or virtual classroom technology. RTOs must comply with guidelines to deliver RSA virtually.

Guidelines to deliver RSA training via interactive video or virtual classroom
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Online RSA courses, which are self-paced learner courses, must:

  • confirm the identity of students undertaking training
  • assess the competency of students
  • minimise the potential for fraudulent activity.

Assessment requirements

RTOs must ensure the following assessment requirements are in place for both in-person and online delivery:

  • Pass rate for the test is 100 percent.
  • If a student fails three times, they must repeat the course.
  • During the test, the trainer must not:
    • assist a student with answering a question
    • provide a student with the correct answer before the test has concluded
    •  advise an answer is incorrect before the test has concluded.