Renew your liquor licence

It is easy to renew your liquor licence using our online liquor portal.

The Liquor Control Reform Regulations 2023 commenced on 29 July 2023. The new Regulations set out how to calculate the annual renewal fee for holders of a liquor licence or BYO permit.

The Regulations set out a new fee model that uses risk of alcohol-related harm to determine the cost of annual renewal fees. The risk of harm is informed by the licensee’s operating hours, venue capacity, compliance history, floor space where packaged liquor is sold, and the activities that are authorised under a licence.

This means larger venues that operate late at night which present higher risks to the community may see annual renewal fees increase, while smaller venues which close earlier and have a comparably lower risk profile may have a fee reduction.

Larger venues where the supply of liquor is not the primary activity of the venue may pay lower annual renewal fees compared with other larger venues. Also, holders of a general licence in regional or remote areas will pay lower annual renewal fees compared with other holders of general licences.

This risk-based model aims to help reduce the administrative costs for small businesses while also ensuring a fair reflection of the increased social impact associated with premises linked to higher risk factors.

Under the new Regulations, the amount of your annual renewal fee is calculated by a base fee, plus risk fee components where applicable. Risk fee components depend on the licence you hold but possible components are:

  • Late-night trading hour risk fee.
  • Outside ordinary trading hours risk fee.
  • Non-compliance in the last 12 months risk fee.
  • Non-compliance in the last 36 months risk fee.
  • Venue capacity risk fee.
  • Floor space risk fee.

You will receive a renewal fee invoice in late November/early December 2023. Paying the renewal fee will enable you to continue to supply liquor during the 2024 calendar year.

If you would like to estimate your renewal fee before December, a table to assist in calculating your annual renewal fee amount is available:

Annual renewal fees to continue trading during the 2024 calendar year
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Renewal notices are issued each year from late November. If you have registered an email for eLicence, you will receive your renewal notice via email. Otherwise, you will receive your notice by post.

Payment is due in full by 31 December. eLicence holders will be emailed a copy of their new licence within five working days of payment. Other licence holders will be provided a copy via post in February.

Licensees who have not paid their fees by 31 March are no longer licensed to supply liquor.

Payment options

Easiest and quickest:

  • Online via your Visa or Mastercard (debit or credit card) on the Service Victoria online payment platform. There is no service charge or surcharge for paying via Visa or Mastercard. You will just need to enter your licence number and an email for the receipt to be sent to. The payment gateway will calculate your fee.

Online payments will no longer be available via the State Revenue Office.

Unable to pay by Visa or Mastercard? For other options, contacts us.

Your 2024 liquor licence or permit will be available to download from the LCV Liquor Portal eLicence menu 3-5 working days after payment.

Register for an eLicence to receive your renewal notice online

You'll need to create a Liquor Portal account, associate your licence or permit using your licence number and individual four-digit PIN and enter your email address.

Your licence number and PIN can be found on your last renewal notice or by emailing

If you need help creating an account, please see this step-by-step guide.

Liquor Portal Registration guide
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Register for an eLicence

Find a lost renewal notice or liquor licences

If you have lost your renewal notice or liquor licence, you can login to your Liquor Portal account and download a copy at any time under the eLicence section.

For help registering for Liquor Portal, associating your licence and signing up for eLicence you can follow our Liquor portal registration guide above.

Reduce or waive renewal fees

Liquor licence fees are a standard business cost for all licensees, and therefore, all licensees should factor this fee into their business planning.

Information on options that are available to licensees to reduce annual renewal fees, including changes to trading hours, patron capacities, licensed area or waiver or reduction applications are available on the reduce or waive renewal fee page.

Please note the fee reduction or waiver is designed to provide licensees with once-off assistance in exceptional circumstances. If you have previously been granted a fee waiver or reduction, this will be considered if you make another application for a fee waiver or reduction. Any application to have your fee reduced or waived should be lodged by 31 December.

Renew a licence by owner, mortgagee or other affected person

If a licensee or permittee fails to renew a licence or permit by 30 June, an owner, mortgagee or other person who has been prejudicially affected by the failure may apply for the renewal of the licence or permit between 1 July and 30 September.

To apply for the renewal of a licence or permit as an owner, mortgagee or other affected person.

Renewal of licence or permit by owner, mortgagee or other affected person
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