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Liquor Control Victoria's compliance inspectors monitor licensed premises throughout Victoria to ensure that licensees are compliant with their liquor licence conditions under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998External Link .

Compliance inspectors do not wear uniforms, but they do carry official identification badges and cards.

Inspections may occur at any time, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

They do not have specific targets or quotas in relation to the issuing of infringement notices (fines). Fines are issued only when there is a direct infringement of liquor law.

Compliance inspector powers

Compliance inspectors have the power to:

  • enter and inspect licensed premises
  • request that licensees and their staff answer questions and provide information, documents, records and equipment
  • seize items as evidence
  • request proof of age and seize liquor from a minor
  • issue infringement notices (Note: they are not able to issue notices for breaching a banning notice or exclusion order, or for failing to comply with police directions about a banning notice or exclusion order)
  • enter a private home if they have a search warrant, or if the home is situated on the licensed premises and the inspector has prior consent from the licensee to enter.

Training for compliance inspectors

Compliance inspectors complete a rigorous training program that provides them with a detailed knowledge of the liquor legislation. During their training they also work with Victoria Police and have direct involvement with the liquor industry associations. The inspectors receive ongoing refresher training throughout their employment.

Code of conduct

As well as liquor licensing knowledge, the inspectors must follow a code of conduct that demands the highest levels of professionalism and etiquette.

Integrity and professionalism

Inspectors will act with integrity at all times, and demonstrate the highest standards of ethical behaviour. Those that they deal with can expect to experience highly professional service standards at all times.


Inspectors will work in a transparent and open fashion, being clear about how they will work with the sector and other partners.

Firm but fair

Inspectors enforce the law in a manner consistent with the objectives of the Act and consistent with the right of fair process.

Constructive relationships

Inspectors work in a constructive and positive fashion with the sector and our partners to achieve beneficial outcomes for the community.

Be inspection ready

Presented by LCV Inspectors, the below videos take liquor licensees through what they can expect during an inspection for:

Inspection checklists can be downloaded for:

Visit enforcement actions to find out more.

Reviewed 02 April 2023


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