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Under a Ministerial Order issued on 21 September 2022, any licensee who delivers packaged liquor via off-premises request must keep and supply records regarding their deliveries.

An off-premises request is any order made by a person who is not on the licensed premises at the time they make the order (such as an online order, or an order made by phone, mail or fax).

Licensees must keep a record of each occasion where a delivery person refuses to deliver packaged liquor because of one of the following reasons:

  • the recipient was a minor
  • in the case of a same day order, the address was unattended
  • in the case of a first-time order that is not a gift, the person who placed the order was not home to accept the order or could not provide appropriate identity verification
  • in the case of a gift, neither the recipient or another person at the delivery address was present or able to produce an evidence of age document
  • the recipient was intoxicated or there was a substantial risk they were intoxicated.

Licensees must also record:

  • the date and time of each failed delivery
  • the postcode of the location where the refusal occurred
  • the total number of successful deliveries made during the relevant period.

This data must be supplied to the Victorian Liquor Commission by 30 July each year.

The Victorian Liquor Commission is supported by Liquor Control Victoria, who will provide more information about how to submit data closer to the submission due date.

If you deliver packaged liquor via off-premises request, we suggest you begin tracking your deliveries now using the below template.

Reviewed 02 April 2023


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