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Fiskville inquiry public notice

Information on the Country Fire Authority's health surveillance program to support Fiskville State School past students and staff (1971 and 1992).

Community notice: Health surveillance program

If you were a student or staff member at Fiskville State School between 1971 and 1992, you are eligible to participate in a voluntary health surveillance programExternal Link being coordinated by the Country Fire Authority (CFA).

This will consist of an initial health check and referral to the health surveillance program if eligible. Participation in the health check and associated surveillance program is free.

The CFA has previously offered health checks to groups who worked, trained or had any contact with the former Fiskville Training College and had concerns they might be at risk. This includes staff and students who attended Fiskville State School between 1971 and 1992.

This notice serves as a reminder that former students and staff of Fiskville State School are able to participate in the health check program if they wish.

Participants in the health check may then be invited to take part in the health surveillance program.

Parliamentary inquiry into the CFA Training College at Fiskville

In 2011, concerns were raised about the historic use of chemicals in hot fire training, including firefighting foams at the former CFA Training College at Fiskville, and the potential risk of chemical residues affecting both human health and the local environment. A Parliamentary inquiry into the CFA Training College at FiskvilleExternal Link was conducted as a result of these concerns.

In response to the inquiry findings, the Victorian Government committed to an investigation of the best way to contact past students and staff (of Fiskville State School) to ensure they have the opportunity to participate in any relevant health program. This is being coordinated through a voluntary health check and surveillance programExternal Link run by the CFA.

Register for the health check and surveillance program

If you are interested in participating in the health check you will need to register your details with the CFA. You will be contacted to make an appointment with an independent medical firm specialising in occupational health services.

Depending on your circumstances, an independent medical provider may determine it appropriate to offer you to participate in the five year health surveillance program. The program was developed in conjunction with specialist medical experts, and involves an annual medical assessment including a health questionnaire and a detailed medical examination and pathology.

Contact the CFA

To register for the health check and surveillance program, please contact the CFA via:

Reviewed 16 March 2022


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