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Motorcycle Crash Card

Motorcycle crashes can be high impact and cause serious injury. Fast and effective treatment is crucial to saving lives. That’s where the Motorcycle Crash Card comes in.

The Motorcycle Crash Card is a self-laminated card that motorcyclists and passengers can place in their helmets.

The card provides emergency service personnel with important personal information that can guide first responders to a more effective and rapid response.

Cards are free and can be collected from distributors across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. Distributors can be found in the list below.

To use the card, the rider fills out the form with their personal details, emergency contact information, and any health conditions and places it in the lining of their helmet.

A highly visible red sticker is placed on the outside of a helmet to indicate there is a Crash Card inside. In the event of a crash, properly trained first responders can safely remove the rider’s helmet to access the card for vital details that could save their life.

The Crash Card scheme was created in the UK by paramedics who are also motorcycle riders and has since been adopted around the world. The Crash Card has been produced for Victorian motorcycle riders in collaboration with the Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel.(opens in a new window)

How to set up your Crash Card?

Setting up your Crash Card is easy. It is essential that you follow these steps:

  1. Fill out your personal and medical information before removing the Crash Card from the brochure.
  2. Gently peel the personal details layer of the card from the brochure, leaving the second layer in the brochure and exposing the adhesive surface.
  3. Flip the card and carefully place it back onto the adhesive surface where the card was removed.
  4. Pop the completed card out of the brochure by pushing carefully.
  5. Place your Crash Card in your helmet under the lining.

Motorcycle Crash Card Distributors

Motorcycle Crash Card can be found at the following locations: