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Organisation chart: Department of Education

Organisation chart for the Department of Education.

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Department of Education structure

The Hon. Minister Natalie Hutchins

Minister for Education and Minister for Women

Ingrid Stitt MP

Minister for Early Childhood and Pre-Prep and Minister for Environment


Jenny Atta

Office of the Secretary

Rebecca Haig (ED)

Stakeholder Support and Partnerships

Governance and Coordination

Strategic and Policy Advisory

Senior Secondary Pathways Reform Taskforce

Scott Widmer (ADS)

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Stephen Gniel (CEO)

Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority

Jonathan Kaplan (CEO)

Merit Protection Boards

Steve Metcalfe (Senior Chairperson)

Victorian Institute of Teaching

Peter Corcoran (CEO)

Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership

Marcia Devlin (CEO)

Financial Policy and Information Services

Tony Bates (DS)

Information Management and Technology

Elizabeth Wilson (CIO)


Sandy Carveth (ED)

Financial Services

Tonella Costa (CFO)

Budget Strategy and Funding Reform

Tim Barta (ED)

People and Executive Services

Kate Rattigan (DS)


Annette Wiltshire (ED)

Integrity, Assurance and Executive Services

Bella Stagoll (ED)

People, Strategy and Operations (VPS)

Gabrielle Reilly (ED)


Stu Teather (ED)

Employee Safety, Wellbeing and Inclusion

Helen Quiney (ED)

Operational Policy, School Engagement and Compliance

Elly Gay and Jane Carew-Reid (EDs)

Policy, Strategy and Performance

Kylie White (DS)

Early Childhood Strategy

Darren Youngs (ED)

Education Policy and Reform

Ellen Delany (ED)

Portfolio, Strategy and Planning

Melissa Clark (ED)

Performance and Evaluation

Daniel Wellesley (ED)

Early Childhood Education

Kim Little (DS)

Kindergarten Expansion and Pre-Prep Reform

Bronwen FitzGerald (ADS)

Policy and Provision

Kat O’Keefe (ED)

Service Delivery and Engagement

Eugenia Voukelatos (ED)

Workforce Policy and Programs

Jacki Hayes (ED)

Quality Assessment and Regulation

Greg Norton (ED)

Early Learning Operations and Monitoring

Mathew Lundgren (ED)

Early Learning, Practice and Participation

Pippa Procter (ED)

Victorian Child Information Sharing and EC Systems

Jed Gilbert (A/ED)

School Education Programs and Support

Stephen Fraser (DS)

Statewide Programs and Tech Schools

Nick Beckingsale (ED)

International Education

Linda Vaughan (ED)

Koorie Outcomes

Zack Haddock (ED)

Wellbeing, Health and Engagement

Claire Tobin (A/ED)

Inclusive Education

Sharon Barry (ED)

Victorian School Building Authority

Tom Kirkland (CEO)

Strategy and Planning

Jess Trinder (ED)

Project Delivery

Andrew Cook (ED)


Jacinta Blanch (COO)

Asset Management

Andrew Major (ED)

Schools and Regional Services

David Howes (DS)


Jeanette Nagorcka (ADS)

Operations and Governance

Sally Carew-Reid (ED)

School Provision and Establishment

James Fletcher (ED)

Security and Emergency Management

Simon Milligan (ED)

Teaching, Learning and School Performance

Madonna Morton (ADS)


Louise McDonald (ED)

Curriculum Implementation

Vacant (ED)

North Eastern Victoria

Karen Money (RD)

North Western Victoria

Angela Singh (RD)

South Western Victoria

Chris Thompson (RD)

South Eastern Victoria

Ian Burrage (RD)

Schools Workforce

Andrea Del Monaco (DS)

Workforce Policy and Strategy

David Robinson (ED)

Schools Human Resources

Tony Bugden (ED)


  • DS = Deputy Secretary
  • ADS = Assistant Deputy Secretary
  • ED = Executive Director
  • RD = Regional Director
  • D = Director

Reviewed 11 September 2023

Department of Education

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