Secondary: Digital tattoo

The things that make up your ‘digital reputation’ are like tattoos – once they’re there, they last forever.

What’s the issue?

In the online world we are creators it’s fantastic! We communicate in writing, make music, images and videos. The audience is huge but what we post cannot be controlled as it can be copied, changed and shared in the blink of an eye. Whilst we think that we can remove things we don’t like or regret putting there in the first place, the reality is that our digital footprint lasts forever, archived in a server or search engine even after the site has been taken down.

Why does it matter?

  • The things that make up your ‘digital reputation’ are like tattoos – once they’re there, there is no turning back the clock.
  • The way you present yourself now may be fun, but this may not be the image you want everybody to see either now or in the future.
  • Even when you use all the privacy settings available, your ‘stuff’ is not 100% secure. Basically, you do not have complete control in the online world.


Think before you click

Before you post something be it a comment or an image, ask yourself if the people you love and respect would think that what you’re putting up is ok.

Remember the golden rule what goes around comes around

If you want your privacy respected, respect the privacy of others and don’t post private messages or embarrassing images.

Be clear about who you want to be online and offline

Let other people know that you don’t want them putting embarrassing material about you online.

Printable advice sheets

To download a copy of this advice sheet, see: