Premier’s opening message

Premier’s opening message for the Premiers’ Reading Challenge website.

Message from the Premier

It’s my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the 2024 Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge.

This is my first Reading Challenge as Premier – and I am so excited to get started.

Since the Challenge began, more than 4.3 million young Victorians have read more than 60 million books.

That includes my own kids - with reading one of the best ways we spend time together as a family.

This year’s Challenge is a chance for all of us to explore new books and find new favourites.

With the help of your families and teachers, you’ll learn about different things, and enjoy stories that take you to different places.

But most importantly, I hope you’ll develop a love of reading together.

So please, sign up for the Challenge. And read as many different types of books as you can.

Explore. Learn. Most importantly, enjoy.

Happy reading,

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Jacinta Allan

Mum of two

Premier of Victoria