Teacher re-engagement

Supports and information for teachers considering a return to teaching in a Victorian classroom.

Funded placements to support returning teachers

The Teacher Re-Engagement Initiative (TREI) helps match returning teachers with schools through funded placements.

TREI is available for:

  1. Teachers returning from a career break or recently retired teachers returning from a break of more than 1 year:
    1. Teachers will receive an honorarium amount up to a maximum of $12,000 for a 40-day placement, to be paid fortnightly in lump sum amounts.
    2. Teachers will re-familiarise themselves with the school environment, take part in classroom observations and other school-based activities, and receive mentoring from current teachers.
  2. Teachers returning from extended parental absence for greater than 2 years:
    1. Teachers will have access to a temporary resumption, of up to 40 days, and will receive their substantive salary.
    2. Teachers will take part in classroom observations and other school-based activities, receive mentoring from current teachers and can take classes once ready to do so.

TREI supports returning teachers through funded placements of up to 40 days to be completed within one semester.

Principals and returning teachers will determine teachers’ activities during their placement, which will consider the best way to support their return to the school workforce.

How TREI works for returning teachers and principals

Returning teachers:

If you are a teacher who is interested in returning and would like some assistance being matched with a school, please complete this teacher form.


Principals are encouraged to use their professional networks to identify teachers who would like to return and submit a joint application for TREI. Alternatively, principals can request to be matched with teachers who have expressed an interest in returning.

If your school has identified a teacher who would like to return, please complete this form: please complete this joint form.

If you are yet to find a returning teacher and would like to be matched, please complete this form: please complete this schools form.

Additional supports for returning teachers

Teachers who are not currently working in schools, and are interested in assistance to find or apply for full time, part time or casual teaching vacancies should register interest.

Current casual relief teachers who have not worked more than 10 days in the last school term are also invited to register.

After registration, teachers will receive a phone call from the Returning Teachers Support Service (RTSS) team to discuss their return and will be provided with an individualised support plan. This will include:

  • Regular communication with the RTSS team
  • Free 1-1 coaching sessions
  • Access to free support including;
    • mental health and wellbeing tools
    • recruitment advice, including application and interview tips
    • professional development courses, including the latest teaching resources

Contact for more information

Email the team at returningteachers@education.vic.gov.au