State School Spectacular past events

In past Spectaculars government school students of any age and experience level have performed before thousands of people in professional productions at world-class venues.

2021 - Live Loud

The 2021 Victorian State Schools Spectacular Year Book is a memento to recognise the work students, teachers and school communities put into the program before COVIDSafe measures prevented a performance outcome.

2021 State Schools Spectacular year book cover

2016 – The Elements

3000 Victorian Government school students captivated an audience of more than 10,000 people at Melbourne’s Hisense Arena on Saturday 10 September in a show that was all about ‘The Elements’.

Giant robot cat puppet on the performance stage, surrounded by dancers

More than 200 Government schools took part in the theatrical extravaganza featuring everything from music and dance to magic and skating as well as a giant robot cat, CatBot.

The show was a concoction of the ancient elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, combined with the Periodic Table of Elements – all served with a dash of pop music and stage magic.

The Elements’ included rising stars from the stage and screen, such as online vocal sensation from The Voice Kids Imogen Spendlove, who has attracted over six million YouTube and was featured finalist on The Voice Kids and award-winning magician Tim Mason has performed in Las Vegas, representing Australia at the International Youth Magic Championships.

2015 – What’s Your Story?

Alice in Wonderland, Daft Punk and Beyonce collided in a musical extravaganza of storytelling and performance at the 20th anniversary of the 2015 Victorian State Schools Spectacular.

In ‘What’s Your Story’, performers took the audience on a journey of story telling with Circus artists performing with flamingos and mushrooms to an Alice in Wonderland theme, 1940s met 2015 with tap and hip hop dancers sharing the spotlight and the orchestra dazzled the audience with a rendition of The Great Gate of Kiev.

Giant stage at Hisense Arena with circus performers

Performed in two professionally staged shows at Hisense Arena on Saturday 12 September, the Victorian State Schools Spectacular featured circus performers, musicians, skaters, singers and dancers from Government schools across the state.

2014 - Dare to Dream

On September 13 thousands of students took to the stage in the biggest live music production in Victoria as singers, dancers, musicians, circus artists, skippers and skaters, performing hits from artists like the Eurythmics, Lorde, Queen and Led Zeppelin.

Performers took the audience on a journey showing them that dreams can be many things, not just the thoughts, images and sensation that we experience in our sleep. The word ‘dream’ can also define what we aspire to or wish for as individuals.

Dancers onstage holding their arms up mid-performance at the 2014 Spectacular

The Spectacular’s growing alumni includes crooner Harrison Craig (The Voice), pop star Vanessa Amorosi and musical theatre leads Jazz Flowers (Hairspray) and Bobby Andonov (Lion King).

The Victorian State Schools Spectacular is not just a great show, but also an incredibly rewarding educational experience for Victorian young people.

2013 - There’s no place like home

This 2013 Victorian State Schools Spectacular theme of ‘Home’ has inspired artists and writers for centuries. It is a concept that all humans can relate to in one way or another, whether it is the warmth and comfort of home; the search for home; or indeed the lessons learnt as one leaves home and takes life’s journey.

2013 Spectacular logo

Over 3000 school students took to the stage in a professionally staged show at Hisense Arena on 27 July featuring a music soundtrack from Michael Jackson’s Thriller to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, Born This Way and Edge of Glory.

For students, being part of the Spectacular not only develops their performance skills, but builds their confidence, leadership and team work skills, which improves their chances of success at school.

2012 - It’s all about love

The 2012 Victorian State Schools Spectacular was ‘all about love’.

2012 Spectacular yearbook cover

2011 - Showtime

Guy holds a movie clapper with 'Showtime' written on it

Showtime: 2011 Victorian State Schools Spectacular enthralled audiences over an explosive three hours of non-stop entertainment.

Featuring more than 3000 dazzling costumes, electrifying special effects, magical props and circus tricks, Showtime took its audience on a musical journey through the world of movies, television and the silver screen, exploring themes of home, love and family.

The show featured an array of songs from the stage and screen, including music from Glee, West Side Story and Batman, as well as iconic bands like Queen, The Beatles and Crowded House.

Highlights of Showtime included a 70-piece orchestra, 1000-voice choir, 1400 dancers, 22 lead vocalists, 15 backing vocalists and 20 circus performers from the National Institute of Circus Arts.

2010 - Shine On

Narrated in song and dance, Shine On 2010 brought together more than 2,500 school students in a never to be forgotten explosion of dance, music and song. The show itself was a song-and-dance extravaganza, featuring electrifying special effects, dazzling costumes and puppetry. The music ranged from Beethoven and Vivaldi, to Michael Jackson and Pink.

Highlights of Shine on 2010 included a 100-piece orchestra, a 1,100-voice choir, 1,100 dancers, 30 vocalists, 11 back-up singers, 20 cheerleaders, 14 puppeteers and speciality acts from 180 schools.

Shine On 2010 was a story about respect, friendship and triumph in the face of adversity told through a narrative of dance and music including Jason Mraz's ‘I’m Yours’, The Verve’s ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’, Beethoven, and other much-love rock classics.

2008 - Made in Australia

Yearbook cover of 2008 Spectacular

Performed at Melbourne Park's Hisense Arena, the 2008 Victorian State Schools Spectacular 'Made In Australia' took us on a musical journey through landscapes and themes that explore what it means to be an Aussie.

We travelled through the vastness of the dusty outback, spent time at the beach and experienced the urban sprawl of the big city…and we did it all with the radio on…

Over 2000 talented musicians, singers and dancers from Victorian government schools performed to a very diverse range of music—from Kylie Minogue to Midnight Oil—and featured such musical greats as 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport' and 'Tenterfield Saddler'.

To view the program, refer to: Made In Australia (PDF, 4MB)

2005 - Pacific School Games

Pacific school games logo showing the legs of people in a running race

Our largest performance to date was the Opening Ceremony of the Pacific School Games.

This was held at Melbourne's Optus Oval with a cast of over 4,000 Victorian government school students drawn from around the state.

The opening ceremony performance took its inspiration from the Pacific Ocean, a common theme to bring together all competitors at the games.

JOINING the CHORUS also coordinated the venue's musical entertainment during the Games.

They also produced the Closing Ceremony at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

2003 - Retrospect

Retrospect logo

In September 2003, Melbourne Park's Rod Laver Arena rocked with the energy of over 3500 performers as 'Retrospect', the 2003 Victorian State Schools Spectacular, took flight.

The audience was taken on a journey through 100 years of music, from Dixie Land to Punk Rock, from Charleston to Disco.

This was a spectacular theatrical event that engaged and entertained all ages.

To view the program, refer to: Retrospect (PDF, 5MB)

2001 - Shine

Shine logo

A bold, vibrant and explosive show, 'Shine', the 2001 Victorian State Schools Spectacular, celebrated the youth of Australia.

It highlighted Australia's ability to bring together diverse people and build a sense of unity, while still rejoicing in the differences of the individual.

In a feast of dance, song and spectacular moments, this show paid tribute to the young people of the past, and young people today.

To view the program, refer to: Shine (PDF, 6MB)