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Transcript - Rail freight network

Video transcript of the rail freight network

[On-screen text: Investing in Victoria's freight future]


Voiceover: freight keeps our economy moving it

provides industries and consumers with

access to the products they need and

want and connects Victorian producers

with the rest of Australia and the world

keeping our freight industry moving is

vital for Victoria

contributing 21 billion dollars to our

economy each year

employing 260 000 people

and supporting a freight task that will

more than double over the next 30 years

we're building a transport system that

works for everyone the freight industry

our farmers and producers and our

communities along key transport routes

statewide our freight network relies on

both road and rail connections that's

why we're delivering rail infrastructure

to better connect freight terminals the

port of Melbourne and interstate

destinations reducing the need to

transfer between rail and trucks

better connecting the rail freight

network will also help us reach our

target of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

upgrades to the regional metropolitan

and interstate freight lines heralds a

generational shift in the way we handle

the growing freight task

multi-million dollar investments in new

terminals sleepers ballast and signalling

is boosting efficiency in our regional

rail Victoria we're working with

industry to identify key freight routes

and last mile links to ensure road

freight can get where it needs to go

by updating the principal freight

network we've identified the needs for

now and into the future taking a

strategic approach to reserving road

corridors and key sites to support

growth in the freight industry

we're using policy levers and access

arrangements to encourage industry to

invest in more efficient safe cleaner

and smarter trucks on our roads

we've invested more than 20 million

dollars in a mode shift incentive scheme

to make regional intermodal freight more

cost effective for our exporters

terminals at Doohan Mildura token wall

and Warrnambool are participating in the scheme

removing some 28 000 truck trips from

our roads each year

the port of Melbourne is key to

Victoria's economic success the port

rail transformation project equips the

port to handle the new port rail shuttle

and regional trains bringing produce by

rail directly to the docks

with new terminals at Altona Summerton

and Dandenong south this direct rail

connection with the port will see more

freight move by rail taking trucks off

Melbourne roads and lowering costs for

producers and farmers

new freight terminals in Melbourne's

west and north mean we're capitalizing

on the commonwealth's inland rail

project and double stack trains coming to Victoria

the new terminal at Truganina will

triple the state's ability to move

freight by rail removing 2 000 truck

trips per day from the roads in

Melbourne's west including an integrated

industrial employment zone this will see

a world-class freight and logistics hub

developed with new terminals warehousing

and support services

this will supplement and eventually

replace the terminal at Dinan and

connect to the interstate rail network

via the outer metro ring

through this investment we're working to

ensure Victoria is well positioned to

meet the challenge of freight volumes

more than doubling in the next three

decades to meet demand from our growers

manufacturers exporters importers

consumers and the broader Victorian community

we're delivering the goods and moving

more with less


[End transcript]