150 years: Bung Bong State School

Learn about the history of Bung Bong State School, one of Victoria's oldest public schools.

Key information

Bung Bong, 3465
27 January 1862
4 October 1921
School type:
School number:
Other names:
Bung Bong School, Bung Bong Common School

The history of Bung Bong State School

  • 1862

    Bung Bong was opened in 1862 by the Church of England. When it opened its school number was No. 106. 

    The first head teacher was Ebenezer Seater.

  • 1870s

    There was an average of 50 students who went to the school in 1870.

    The schoolhouse had become very run down. Classes stopped while a new schoolhouse was built. 

    A new brick and bluestone schoolhouse was opened in 1872. The school number changed to  No. 1056 when it reopened. 

    The school became a state school at some stage between 1873 and 1878.

  • 1889

    The average number of students going to the school had fallen to around 15.

  • 1894

    Bung Bong closed in 1894. The students moved to Moore's Flat State School (No. 1575).

  • 1916

    The school reopened in 1916 after being closed for 22 years.

  • 1921

    Bung Bong State School closed in 1921.

Find more interesting facts about this school

The Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) is the archive of Victoria's State and local government. They look after some of our oldest school records, and we can use these records to help us understand what school life used to be like.

Now it's your turn to do some detective work. PROV currently only have paper records for this school. Take a look to see what info they have on this school.