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150 years: Eddington Primary School

Learn about the history of Eddington Primary School, one of Victoria’s oldest public schools.

Key information

Playfair Street, Eddington, 3472
12 January 1867
1 January 1990
School type:
School number:
Other names:
Eddington Common School, Eddington State School

The history of Eddington Primary School

  • 1860s

    Eddington opened as a common school in 1867. The first head teacher was Frank Dales.

    The original wooden school building had been used by school No. 212, which opened in 1862 and closed in 1865.

    The enrolment was 57 and the average attendance was 42.

  • 1870s

    A brick school building was built in 1872 to accommodate up to 120 students.

    This building had an upstairs gallery and was often referred to as 'the gaol' due to its strange construction.

    Swagmen used the wooden building for accommodation six years before its removal in 1878. 

  • 1880s

    Attendance reached 100 in the 1880s.

  • 1890s

    Additions to the school included a four-room teacher's house in 1890 and two portable rooms soon after.

    In 1890, a rope attached to a lamp ignited after a Wesleyan coffee social. The fire destroyed the school.

    Students were taught in a room at the rear of Nuttall's Hotel while the school was rebuilt.

    The new building opened in 1892 with accommodation for 75 students. 

  • 1903

    The teacher's house was repaired.

    A tree that had been used by Aboriginal people to make a bark canoe was on display on the grounds of the school.

  • 1910s

    A marble tablet was erected in the school building in memory of Joseph Cornwall. He was the head teacher from 1914 to 1918.

    Cornwall raised funds for the First World War through the State School Patriotic Fund and War Savings Certificates. 

  • 1970

    The name of the school changed to Eddington Primary School. 

  • 1992

    The school closed. The building is now a private home.

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The Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) is the archive of Victoria's State and local government. They look after some of our oldest school records, and we can use these records to help us understand what school life used to be like.

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