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150 years: Quarry Hill Primary School

Learn about the history of Quarry Hill Primary School, one of Victoria’s oldest public schools.

Key information

25 Peel Street , Quarry Hill , 3550
12 March 1873
School type:
School number:
Other names:
Sandhurst East State School, Quarry Hill State School

The history of Quarry Hill Primary School

  • 1873

    The school, originally known as Sandhurst East, opened as a state school in 1873. It replaced Charcoal Gully Common School (No. 137).

    Charcoal Gully was opened by the Church of England in 1857. It closed the day before Sandhurst East opened.

    The first head teacher was Walter Watkins and Mrs Naomi Watkins was the assistant. The school building was brick.

    The Charcoal Gully building was used as an infant room.

  • 1874

    Two more rooms were added.

  • 1885

    By 1884 accommodation was again inadequate and in May 1885 another room was built.

  • 1888

    Head teacher Watkins left the school.

  • 1892

    The average number of students reached 467 and the school was crowded.

  • 1893

    Sandhurst East became an adjunct of Gravel Hill State School (No. 1566).

    Only Classes 1 and 2 remained at Sandhurst East during this time, all the other classes were held at Gravel Hill.

    That meant that students from Sandhurst East had to travel to Gravel Hill for classes. 

  • 1907

    In September 1907, Sandhurst East again became a separate school.

    The head teacher at the time was J.A. Roach.

  • 1908

    The school was renamed Quarry Hill State School.

  • 1910

    The current school site was purchased in Peel Street.

    A brick school was built and it could accommodate 572 pupils.

    The building has nine classrooms built around a central quadrangle.

  • 1911

    22 March

    The school opened while Roach was still the head teacher.

    The old school was used as a domestic arts school for girls and later as a church.

  • 1969

    Enrolment at the school was 270.

  • 1970

    The name of the school changed to Quarry Hill Primary School.

  • 2011

    A new multi-purpose art building opened.

    The school was marking the 100th anniversary of the Peel Street building.

  • 2022

    Quarry Hill Primary School is still in operation.

    The Peel Street building is still at the heart of the school.

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The Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) is the archive of Victoria's State and local government. They look after some of our oldest school records, and we can use these records to help us understand what school life used to be like.

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