150 years: Ravenswood Primary School

Learn about the history of Ravenswood Primary School, one of Victoria’s oldest public schools.

Key information

Ravenswood, 3453
6 May 1872
School type:
School number:
Other names:
Ravenswood Common School, Ravenswood State School

The history of Ravenswood Primary School

  • 1871

    The drive to open a school was led by Jonathan Bond. Bond was the station master at Ravenswood.

  • 1872

    Ravenswood opened. The first head teacher was Mrs Selina Hall.

    The brick school building had stone foundations, a pine floor and an iron roof.

  • 1883 to 1886

    Ravenswood worked part-time with Shelbourne State School (No. 2263) from 1883 to 1885. Working part-time means that the schools shared a single teacher. The teacher would have to split their time between the two schools.

    From 1886 it worked part-time with Ravenswood South State School (No. 1546).

  • 1892

    The school resumed full-time teaching when 28 students were enrolled.

  • 1896

    A severe summer storm caused considerable damage to the building.

  • 1910

    Head teacher Frank Genardini requested permission to remove the old gallery.

  • 1915

    A District Inspector report on the building stated: "It is of brick and very old. The iron is loose on the roof, the windows and window frames are in a bad condition and beyond repair."

  • 1918

    Painting and repairs were completed.

    An additional acre of ground adjoining the school was purchased to erect a tennis court.

  • 1925

    The school was used as the local hall many times. It was also used as a church and Sunday school before 1925.

  • 1959

    Electricity was installed.

  • 1960

    16 March

    A Mothers' Club was formed.

  • 1964

    A septic system was installed.

  • 1966

    24 March

    The Mothers' Club disbanded. This was due to a lack of numbers. During this time it raised money for school equipment.

  • 1970

    The name of the school changed to Ravenswood Primary School in 1970.

  • 1971

    The train station closed. Enrolments fell to six as most students came from families living in the railway houses.

    These families left when the station closed.

  • 1981

    The school closed in 1981.

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