150 years: Red Lion State School

Learn about the history of Red Lion State School, one of Victoria’s oldest public schools.

Key information

Talbot, 3371
1 July 1866
11 April 1953
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Other names:
Red Lion Common School

The history of Red Lion State School

  • 1865

    Red Lion opened in 1865 under head teacher Thomas Ferres. There were 40 students enrolled. 

    The weatherboard school building included a teacher's house. 

  • 1866

    Red Lion became a common school in 1866 and was given the number 850. 

  • 1875

    A five-room teacher's house was built in 1875. 

  • 1883

    The average number of students was 20 students.

    The District Inspector said that the school and near-by Mount Cameron State School (No. 1101) should work part-time together.

    The local community protested this recommendation. It was agreed to continue operating as a full-time school on a trial basis.

  • 1885

    By 1885 Red Lion began operating as a part-time school with Mount Cameron.

    It also worked part time with Daisy Hill State School (No. 1206) at some stage.

  • 1888

    The school was closed and reopened many times due to low numbers of students.

  • 1910

    The teacher's house was condemned as it was unsafe to live in.

  • 1916

    The school operated part-time with Stoney Creek State School (No. 886) for a few months.

  • 1918

    There was an average attendance of only seven students and the school was closed.

    The teacher's house was sold to the ‘Closer Settlement Board'.

    This scheme helped poor people buy a home.

  • 1921

    Red Lion reopened and started operating part-time with Daisy Hill State School (No. 1206).

    The school building was very run down by this time.

  • 1927

    It was found that the building could collapse at any time and the school should move.

    The Department of Education leased a room in the home of a local called Pilcher to hold classes.

  • 1931

    The school was operating full-time once again.

    The old school building belonging to Havelock State School (No. 1264 ) was relocated to the Red Lion school site.

  • 1932

    The school started operating out of the relocated building.

  • 1942

    Red Lion worked part-time with Dunach State School (No. 1412).

  • 1952

    Only five students attended the school.

  • 1953

    The school closed in 1953.

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