150 years: Sale Primary School

Learn about the history of Sale Primary School, one of Victoria's oldest public schools.

Key information

Macalister Street, Sale, 3850
21 January 1854
School type:
School number:
Other names:
Sale School, Sale National School, Sale Common School, Sale State School

The history of Sale Primary School

  • 1854

    Sale opened as a national school in 1854. The first head teacher was Mrs Marianne Carpenter. There were 26 students enrolled (19 girls and 7 boys).

  • 1860s

    The school became a common school in 1862. The school building was described as “an iron room – very hot or very cold – badly ventilated and unhygienic, as it acts injuriously on the children’s health”.

    A large brick classroom was added in 1864 and an extra wooden classroom was added by 1867. Another brick classroom was added in 1869. The school was damaged by a hurricane the same year. A ball was held to raise money to repair the damage.

  • 1873

    The school became a state school at some stage in 1873. There were 483 students enrolled in 1873 and two more brick classrooms were added.

  • 1883

    A new brick school building on a new site on Macalister Street in 1883. A procession from the old school to the new school was part of the opening. There was also a fireworks display.

  • 1907

    John H. Refshauge was head teacher in 1907. He was also headmaster at the new Agricultural High School that opened in the Mechanics Institute building. A Stoyd room, used for woodworking, opened the same year. A room was also converted to be a cookery centre.

  • 1920

    Black and white photograph of the Sale school building with trees and bushes on the grass in front of the school. The school building is brick and has a bell tower. Sale Primary School building in 1979. Source: John T. Collins and the State Library of Victoria

    Sale Primary School in 1920.

  • 1952

    The school building from Newry State School (No. 1145) moved to the school in 1952. Renovations were undertaken in the same year.

  • 1970

    The school was renamed Sale Primary School in 1970. The head teacher at the time was Gordon D. Murdoch.

  • 1983

    A reunion was held in 1983 and students repeated the procession from the old school to the current school like they did 100 years ago.

  • 2002

    The school building’s spire at the top of the bell tower was restored in 2003. The portico verandas at the front of the building were also restored.

  • 2022

    Sale Primary School is still in operation.

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