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150 years: Tooboorac North State School

Learn about the history of Tooboorac North State School, one of Victoria’s oldest public schools.

Key information

Tooborac, 3522
17 February 1862
31 December 1916
School type:
School number:
Other names:
Tooboorac Common School, Tooboorac State School

The history of Tooboorac North State School

  • 1862

    The school was recognised as a common school in 1862, although it likely opened earlier.

    The first known head teacher was Andrew Dawn.

  • 1874

    There were 40 students were enrolled and the school was overcrowded.

  • 1876

    The school building was considered beyond repair and a new building was erected.

    The old school building became the teacher's house.

    Charles W Holloway was head teacher at the time.

  • 1880

    The school closed as enrolment had fallen to 19 students.

    The school buildings were moved to Tooboorac State School (No. 1225).

  • 1898

    Local residents campaigned for the school to be re-established. It reopened as Tooborac North State School in a Wesleyan Church.

    The brick church was leased by the Department of Education.

  • 1910

    Tooboorac North State School had low student numbers so it became a part-time school.

    It shared its only teacher with Warrowitue State School (No. 3409), and the teacher split their time between both schools.

  • 1912

    The school now worked part-time with Derrinal (Knowsley East) State School (No. 3009).

  • 1916

    The school closed in 1916.

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