Many Talents One VCE – Easy English

From 2023 the VCE Vocational Major will replace Senior and Intermediate VCAL

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Many Talents One VCE (Easy English)
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VCE is growing

The VCE Vocational Major is now part of the VCE. It is a way to do the VCE.

The Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) is a new option for year 11 and 12 students who are not ready to do the VCE.

This means students now have better:

  • options for classes and courses
  • quality education
  • work experiences
  • preparation for their future.

Everyone is good at something.

There is something for you in the new VCE.

VCE Vocational Major

The VCE Vocational Major:

  • is a 2-year program
  • is part of the VCE
  • teaches students skills they can use for work.

The VCE Vocational Major will help students to:

  • develop life skills
  • prepare for future study
  • prepare for work
  • prepare for training at TAFE.

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Victorian Pathways Certificate

The Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC):

  • is for students in Years 11 and 12
  • is interesting and practical
  • can take longer than 2 years for students who need more time
  • gives students extra support
  • helps students develop skills for work
  • helps students prepare for the VCE and VCE Vocational Major.

Teachers assess VPC students in classroom learning activities, not exams.

The VPC can help students who have missed a lot of school.
It can also help students who have additional learning needs.

Students who complete the VPC can then move on to:

  • the VCE Vocational Major
  • entry level TAFE
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • getting a job.

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