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When researching a project, it is important to know when and how to use other people’s work.

What’s the issue?

When we do projects we usually have to do research, looking up information and other material. It is important that when you use this material in your project you understand what it is saying, can talk about it in your own words, and know when and how to use other people’s work.

Why does it matter?

When you use information and other materials you have looked up in your schoolwork, you must say where you found it—this is called its source. If you use someone else’s work without saying so, and pretend it is your own work, this is called plagiarism and is wrong. Even when it is ok to use the material, it is still respectful to say who created it and where you found it.

Learning is about more than just knowing a lot of facts or doing the set task. Be curious, ask questions and explore so that you can see how things fit together and make sense in a range of situations.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes! If you do make a mistake it is important to work out and explain what happened, so that people realise that you have learned from the situation.

Putting some planning and effort into what you are doing can help you avoid obvious mistakes.


Use lots of different sources and say where they came from

You do research to help you learn facts and form opinions about an issue or topic. The best way to do this is to get your material from a range of sources.

Always list the sources of the material you have used. Ask your teacher how to do this.

Your work has to be your work

The work you submit should be your original thinking based on your research.

Get help from the best people the ones who know what’s required

Check with your teacher to make sure you are really clear about what is needed for the project.

Ask questions as you go along to make sure you stay on track.

What you do is who you are respect yourself and others

When you organise your time so that you can give your work your best shot, you learn more about what you do well and what you need more practice in. Think about how you do your work as well as what you do.

Printable advice sheet

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