150 years: Nuggetty Reef Common School

Learn about the history of Nuggetty Reef Common School, one of Victoria’s oldest public schools.

Key information

Nuggetty Road, Nuggetty, 3463
1 July 1862
31 January 1877
School type:
School number:
Other names:
Nuggetty Gully School, Nuggetty Reef School

The history of Nuggetty Reef Common School

  • 1862

    This was a school opened by the Protestant Church.

    Thomas Llewellyn was the first head teacher.

  • 1863

    The average number of students was 33.

    The school was known as Nuggetty Gully at some stage.

  • 1864

    The school became a common school when William Loney was head teacher.

  • 1877

    The old school closed when Nuggetty Reef State School (No. 1838) opened.

    William Loney became the first head teacher of the new school.

Can you help us find records for this school?

The Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) doesn't have any historical records for this closed school. If you have any, or if you know of any, please let us know by emailing 150years@education.vic.gov.au