Watch 150 years of stories

Learn about the past from videos from the 150-year history of public education in Victoria

A positive influence: a family’s teaching history

Meet Logie Onslow, a visiting teacher from Mildura whose family has an almost 150-year history in public education in Victoria.

Watch as Logie shares stories and photos of her family, beginning with her great grandfather who started teaching in 1878 aged 16 and 6 months.

Shaping our past: school inspectors in Victoria

For 132 years, school inspectors played an invaluable role in Victoria’s education sector, bridging the gap between the classroom and the education department.

The ‘Shaping the past: school inspectors in Victoria’ video looks back on school inspectors and their varied and historic contributions to education, from assisting in the creation of new schools to supporting with staffing and teacher welfare and developing courses for Technical Colleges.

WBW Schools Inspectors 2022

From the archives: changes over time

From hairstyles and uniforms to penmanship and popular student names, a lot has changed in education over the last 150 years.

From the archives: communicating with schools

Did you know we’ve been communicating with students in schools since 1896? The School Paper was published from 1896 to 1969 and went out to every student at every school across Victoria. This was followed by magazines for each grade level which had space-themed titles like Comet and Meteor.