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Engage in high-ability networks and professional learning

Teachers of high-ability students are coming together to share what works best.

Tuesday, 25 July 2023 at 3:43 am
Engage in high-ability networks and professional learning

Enrol in a variety of fully funded online professional learning for teachers of high-ability students through the Student Excellence Program (SEP). 

Facilitated by the University of New England, the SEP professional learning shares resources and evidence-based best practice. Teachers come away with practical tools and a plan that emphasises implementing what’s right for your school context. 

Knowing teachers love hearing what works, practice leaders share their tips and experience in making the most of the student excellence programs. Teachers tell us a highlight is the time allocated for networking, with a community of passionate teachers organically emerging.

For more detail on each workshop and to register, please go to the University of New England’s Eventbrite page

Sessions provide for primary and secondary schools separately and you can view the full schedule of 2023 professional learning.

High ability through a school lens

Our new content provides practical insights into how teachers are providing opportunities that best support their high-ability students.  

In a video about fostering high ability in the social domain, Maggie Ryan, lead teacher at Tarneit Rise Primary School, explains: ‘We started the Global Perspectives program in 2020. There are different domains providing opportunities for student leadership and voice, so students decide where their passions lie and then have teachers who can guide that support.’  

Gemma Skeen, high-ability practice leader at Tarneit Rise, who shared her top 10 tips during the Term 2, 2023, professional learning, says, ‘I always make time to call families to share selection for the high-ability programs. We are so honoured at the opportunity; I often have parents in tears.’

Celebrations and interactions 

The benefits of networks are explored in refreshed high-ability toolkit videos:

In our video about high-ability practice leader networks, Elizabeth Green, high-ability practice leader at Taylors Lakes Secondary College, shares the value of her network. 

‘They’re brilliant people to work with. It’s so motivating for me and they give me a new perspective that if I was working in a silo, I’d never have,’ Elizabeth said.

The online sessions have become a platform for practice leaders to share how they’re making an impact to support their students reach their full potential. 

Elizabeth explained, ‘For kids from disadvantaged backgrounds who are going off the track, just to be recognised as high ability can change the trajectory of their lives.’

Find out more

For information on the High-ability toolkit and other SEP initiatives, visit: Student Excellence Program.

Schools can register high-ability students for exciting events that suit their interests and abilities with the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series (VCES). To view the schedule, refer to the Arc event hub.

For any enquiries, contact the Student Excellence unit by email: